Data Security and Privacy Statement

This statement applies to Image Captions for Confluence, Lync and Skype Connector for Confluence, and Lync and Skype Connector for Jira. These are all apps published by Benryan Software Inc. and distributed in the Atlassian Marketplace. 

None of these apps capture and transmit data beyond what is required for the advertised core functionality. This includes analytics. None of these apps capture analytics.

Image Captions for Confluence does not store or transmit data. 

Lync and Skype Connector for Confluence​​​​​​​ and Lync and Skype Connector for Jira are three way integrations between two server products (Skype<->Confluence or Skype<->Jira) and an end-user's web browser. The integration uses the standard transmission protocol defined by the server administrators (http or https). For integrating with Lync/Skype for Business, the integration uses the UCWA API. This is an API built into Lync/Skype by Microsoft for doing cross-product integrations. The apps implementation follows UCWA best practices which include discovery and authentication workflow defined by Microsoft. 

For convenience to the end user, the connectors cache Lync/Skype OAuth keys in the user browser's local storage. The Lync/Skype default setting is that these OAuth keys are good for 8 hours.